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The Pandemonium V2 is a work of art that is a complete upgrade from the original. It is now the world's lightest deck and is the only deck to stay under a Kilo (2.2 lbs). Hundreds of simulations were conducted to obtain the most effective geometry possible, giving it 29% more resistance to the banana effect, and 40% more resistance on the headtube. It's also made out of 6082 aluminum, which is stronger than the industry norm of 6061.

The Pandemonium V2 is slightly wider than the original at 5.12". This will help you lock into grinds and make the deck more comfortable. Ultimately, this will make the deck a great option for younger street riders who still need something light and agile while remaining the best deck for park-style riding. The deck is now compatible with 120mm wheels and comes with a brand-new fender. Brake enthusiasts can put down their pitchforks since Ethic has also included a traditional brake if you prefer it.

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